A priest Photographed While Giving Mass With His Sick Puppy On His Lap

Having pets means that you should treat them as family members, which means that you have to give him what they need all the time. However, one of the hardest moments of pet owners’ life is when they are forced to say goodbye to their pets.

This story is a great example of how to treat your dog when they are sick. A priest brought his dog to the church as he was very sick. He apologized to the people but told them that the dog will cry and get upset if he is left alone.

Despite the good reason, many people commented badly on the picture, that was uploaded on Twitter, which left the woman who uploaded it with nothing but deleting it.

Some other people commented that the priest maybe think that he was going to the park! The idea is that people think that bringing the dog to the Holly Mass is disrespectful.

Actually, it is not a big deal as long as the dog did nothing to prevent the priest from saying the mass! What do you think?!

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