Abandoned Little Puppy Moves From Poor Life To Become A Queen

After being rescued, the dog spent several days in treatment. With perseverance and stamina, her health got better, writes kenhthoisu

A 45-day-old puppy called Ava was born with 2 disabled hind legs. Her life was so bad as she was covered in dirty and mange.

This puppy is AVA

his baby girl is just one and a half month old, born with disabled on her 2 hind legs

Fortunately, rescuers were called to rescue her, and they directly rushed to the scene. They then took the dog to be examined. They found that her blood had an infection in it and needed to be treated. Additionally, her liver and kidneys aren’t working normally.

Ava was furthermore receiving treatment for all of her medical issues for more than a month! She began to develop properly, and her silky, smooth coat also started to grow.

She is very playful and friendly and loves her rescuers! What a transformation!

Source: kenhthoisu.net

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