Hi folks, my name is Jackson. I am nobody and I live somewhere on earth 😁

I have 2 things. A laptop and a passionate heart about technology and automation.

HI JACKSON is my personal blog sharing knowledge of technology base on my experience which may be right or wrong. However, I just want to share my tips and my solutions right after I have solved a problem. I don’t want to hide anything. Knowledge is free and the time that I am writing my post is also the time I review my knowledge – “The more we share, the more we learn”. Please correct me if you find any mistakes in my posts.

I hope my post can save your time to solve the problem and I can contribute something to the community.

Let’s build the IT community stronger. If you visit my blog, just say “Hi Jackson” before you leave. Furthermore, if my posts can help people solve their problems and somedays they recognize me on the street and say “Hi Jackson”, I will be so happy and that will be a big gift for me.

Have a good day !!!