Basket Contained Dog With ‘Half Of A Body’ That No One Wants, Sets Eyes On 1 Man

All dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Sadly, that isn’t the case. But thankfully there are animal rescuers out there that are happy to step in and take in any animal who needs their care. When one dog had met a terrible fate as a puppy, these volunteers were amazed by her unwavering strength. This story isn’t about abuse. It’s about perseverance!

Where this dog named Saboor lives, there are many homeless pets that wander the streets. Without proper supervision, kids can get out of hand. When a couple of teenagers met this sweet dog, instead of helping Saboor, they decided to torture her. BUT she got her best revenge by surviving the attack.

The cruel kids cut off Saboor’s ears and hind legs but she managed to survive! After extensive surgeries and around the clock care, she pulled through. Now she is with a new rescue group who is determined to find her a forever home!

Even though Saboor is missing both her hind legs, she wags her tail like crazy. She absolutely LOVES life! She can play with toys and even get around in her own unique way. This little dog has no idea she’s different and that’s the point! She’s special and deserving of everything!

Saboor’s new human friend, the man who runs a shelter for animals with special needs, decided to adopt her. He knows he can provide her with adequate care and attention. He even reached out to a local engineer who makes doggy wheelchairs. You have to see how this beautiful girl responds to her new wheels.

While we understand what happened to this dog is unfair and disgusting, the only revenge she can focus on is living her best life. And that is exactly what she is doing. Let’s celebrate all of Saboor’s triumphs!


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