Couple Designed Giant Bed To Allow Their 8 Rescue Dogs To Sleep With Them

Having dogs is a great thing as they give their owners almost everything. However, people should give them back everything they can and treat them like family members.

Sleeping beside your dog is one of the greatest things ever, but when you have so many dogs, you have a big problem as you can’t sleep with them all! But for this couple from Clifton Park, New York, Meriesa and Chris Hughes, it was not a problem!

The couple, who are the founders of a a non-profit organization called “The Mr. Mo Project,” can sleep comfortably with not only a dog, but 8 dogs! But what kind of bed that has room for 8 dogs!

They hired a furniture maker called Mike Ford to construct a mega bed, that has 2 mattresses! The bed, that needed 6 months to be built, has built-in stairs for the older dogs to get into it and side drawers. What a great idea! Watch the video below.

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