Dog Starved & Beaten Fights For Her Life, Keeps Kissing Her Veterinarians

Veterinarians are amazed the emaciated pup with a history of horrors wishes only to give love to her saviors.

A family in Johnson County, Kansas found a dog so weak and emaciated that the small furbaby couldn’t stand on her own. She was so sick that her saviors were uncertain if the dog would survive the extent of abuse she had endured. In an effort to offer the dog a fighting chance, the family took her a veterinary hospital in Mission Care. There, the staff took the dog and immediately placed her within the medical care unit.

Amazingly, despite the lifetime of horrors and abuse she faced, the small dog together with her ribs protruding was happy and loving. Veterinarians were amazed the small abused pup simply wanted to like and kiss everyone. Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue teamed up with the veterinary hospital therefore the Canis Minor could receive care and not allow the abusers to win.

According to a recent update on Facebook, the valuable dog has been named Brighe. Her bloodwork is poor but it might be worse, and she or he hasn’t been eager to eat lately. However, they decide to keep her hospitalized, give her a feeding tube, and still fight to stay Brighe alive. The name Brighe translates to “strength and power” in Irish, which is what this determined canine fighter has deep in her soul.

“Refeeding dogs who are during this critical condition must be done painstakingly slowly and is extremely dangerous,” Pawsitive Rescue shared on Facebook. “Refeeding dogs who are during this critical condition must be done painstakingly slowly and is extremely dangerous.”

For more about the dog’s fight to survive, press play on the video below. We wish you all the simplest , sweetheart!

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