Homeless Boy Sleeping With Stray Dog, Has Been Abandoned By Mother While Father In Jail

Children should spend their childhood in the best way ever, which means they should play, eat, drink, and sleep in the most proper way. But this was not the case of Ankit, 9, whose father was sent to jail, and his mama abandoned him to live in streets!

His story went viral as he was found sleeping on streets along with a stray dog called Danny! Ankit sells balloons and works in a tea shop to get the food Danny and he needs.

He never accepts or asks to take anything for free, he just wants to earn money by himself, according to the tea shop’s owner.

The kid was seen sleeping outside a closed shop along with Danny, and the passerby who saw him took a photo and shared it online. After that, the local administration went looking for the kid, and they soon found him.

SSP Abhishek Yadav said that the child is now under the Muzaffarnagar police’s care, and they are doing their best to find his family. Till that, he’ll live with a friendly local woman called Sheela Devi, and he will go to a private school for free.

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