Matted and tied up in the rain, they abandoned him on Christmas Eve, they didn’t know which dog it was

It is a story that touches our hearts and for people who love animals, like you and me,

we are overwhelmed by the helplessness of knowing that there are such indolent people,

people with a heart almost without feelings, writes fancy4work

Pudding is the name of an adorable puppy that was abandoned one night in torrential rain on Christmas Eve on one of

the roads in Plymouth, England. He was found by a passer-by who was on his way to work and

could not contain his amazement at seeing a ball of hair all tangled, tied up and in the rain.

Who could be capable of doing something like that? It is already an act full of cruelty to abandon a pet on a public road,

with cold and rain, but seeing the state in which Pudding was found was deplorable, without the slightest sign of taking

care of cleanliness and love. . You couldn’t tell what breed of dog it was, the poor guy couldn’t even see.

A defenseless living being exposed to the nobility of a heart that rescued him, a nobility that surely he had not known.

Sarah Morris, an inspector for the RSPCA animal shelter , was the first to arrive at Pudding’s location. She was another

person who couldn’t get out of her astonishment, impotence and rage when she saw the state of this defenseless little dog.

Taken to the vet, they gave him the necessary care. For him it was his Christmas present to feel loved and cared for.

They cut off that tangle of hair, his skin was able to breathe again, they found fleas and weeds on his fingernails.

With that layer of hair gone, they confirmed that Pudding’s breed was a 6- or 7-year-old ShihTzu mix.

Having a pet is a responsibility , it is not understood why there are people who are not willing to assume that

responsibility and still want to have a pet, causing them pain, anxiety and sadness.

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