Officers Crash Window Of A Hot Care To Save Toy They Thought was a Dog

Officers were on their duty on a very hot day they received a call about a dog stuck inside a car. So, the officers went to the scene to find Gordon William’s car with a dog inside it!

So, the officer in Mansfield, UK, directly acted by their great intention and smashed the car’s window to discover that it was a stuffed toy! Nottinghamshire Police said that the officers acted in this way believing that the dog’s life was at risk.

Thankfully, Gordon Williams, 80, just agreed the officers’ act claiming that he had nothing to say but what the officers did was the right thing.

He also added that he is discussing the costs, that are £180, with the police to fix the window.

Williams also added that Little Willy, the plush toy, will not be in the car anymore to avoid any possible accident like this in the future. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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