‘Piglet-Looking’ Dog Is Unrecognizable Now One Month Later Of Leaving The Shelter

The owner of a local shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chrissy Elder, dedicates her life to save animals through Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, and she is really interested to bring in stray dogs that are overlooked.

One recent day, her attention was caught by a little dog called Piggy (as he looks like a pig), and she decided to help him directly.

Elder said that she was told about the dog, who was in horrible look and very sad. So, she went to his kennel to check on the dog. She then decided to take him with her.

As his skin condition was so painful, Piggy was put on the veterinary ER for 5 days, so, he can be able to undergo treatment for it.

Piggy was placed in a foster home, where he got 2 rounds of antibiotics to treat an infection, and 3 medical baths every week.

Thankfully, he started showing signs of improvement in general as his fur started to grow again. Elder said that his condition is way better than when he found! He is really cute!

He is just getting better and cuter every day, and he is looking for a forever home, where he can know what love and care mean. He has floppy ears, so, if you are interested in adopting dogs with floppy ears, the best choice is Piggy.

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