Stray Dog Found Sleeping With Stuffed Animal And Nobody Cares

A volunteer from the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project took a photo of a homeless dog in the streets of Houston, and it directly went viral!

The photo went viral as it shows the dog hugging a stuffed animal to help him to sleep as it gave him the warmth he needed.

Many people were heartbroken after seeing the photo and they started blaming themselves about this poor dog. However, the dog just needed this stuffed animal to be able to have a comfortable sleep on the streets.

It turned out that the dog has an owner! The 89-year-old man, Calvin, was very happy to have his dog back! He told the rescuers that the dog is always able to escape the house! But this exact time, he went so far.

Thankfully, the dog is now with his owner, who surely does his best all the time to take care of him.

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