This Blind And Deaf Dog Has No Idea That He Is Different And Is Very Happy With His Family

“Buster and Biskit get along very well. They sleep next to each other”, writes embounce

Buster, a 15-year-old blind and deaf Poodle-Chihuahua mix, has lived with his human parents in

Florida since he was a puppy. Buster had decent vision for most of his life until developing glaucoma in both eyes.

When one of his eyeballs got irritated last year, the veterinarian decided it was best to remove it. He has completely lost

his ability to see out of his other eye since then, but it hasn’t prevented him from being the most loving and content dog.

Buster is also deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf His tongue is always protruding from his mouth.

Buster wears sunglasses on occasion to protect his one eye.

Karen Rhea, Buster’s mother, stated, “He doesn’t usually wear them,

but I do so to screen his other eye when he leaves the home.”

Buster and his brother Biskit, an 8-year-old dog acquired from a Florida shelter in 2011, like doing everything together.

“Biskit and Buster get along fantastically. They sleep in the same bed.”


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